Fifth Wave Coffee

Let me tell you about a good friend of mine. He goes by the name Ammo, I have known him for a while. Ammo is a Barista, a good one.

Maybe you drank a cup of coffee at Field Office about 2 years ago and it knocked your block off. Well, Ammo probably made that cup.  He moved to Jeffrey’s Bay a while back and a few months later, he told me he was gonna open a coffee shop.  Anyway long story short, I was commisioned to help him with merch, for his store called Fifth Wave Coffee. Obviously I agreed, he is a dude that used to pay baristas to step aside so he can pay to make his own coffee, when we went on coffee runs. So the dude is serious about coffee, so just having a small part in his empire, was an easy decision.



fifthwave_mascot fifthwave_tees

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