Umculo Buciko

During the course of last year I got a call from my friend Buntu. He asked me to art direct a book. Naturally I accepted.

Buntu also known as Bief has been a very good friend for many years. A solid dude, an amazing artist and we are always on the same page. We spoke for 5 minutes and came up with a solution. This was done fast, not because we are amazing. It was because we have a great sense of trust and respect toward each other.  A short fall that most client and designers have (well certain instances). Anyway, Bief needed this in 5 days so we had no choice.

The book is a homage to his all time favourite local album that just so happens to have been done by some of his closest friends namely Pura Lavisa and Luyolo Lenga. It needed to be created whilst he was doing a residency at Greatmore studios. Part of this residency was to do an outreach project. This required the visiting artist to develop a project that collaborates with local communities or artists.

The book itself contains lyrics to some of the tracks of  Pura and Luyolo’s album. Amani Abeid provides illustrations that sometimes point literally and sometimes not. As previously mention I saw to the layout and art direction and the outcome is something we are really happy and proud of.

It has been such an honour to work with such an amazing group of artists, which streamlined the process even further.

bief book 1 bief book 2 bief book 3 bief book 4 bief book 5 bief book 6 bief book 7 bief book 8 bief book 9 bief book 10 bief book 11 bief book 12 bief book 13 bief book 14 bief book 15 bief book 16

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Amani Abeid